“The Swee2ooth Difference”: The Perfect Diabetic Protein Shake

“The Swee2ooth Difference”: The Perfect Diabetic Protein Shake


“The Swee2ooth Difference” : The Perfect Protein Blend for Diabetics

It takes more than a shake to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, yet the Swee2ooth Diabetic Fit Shake is a great place to start. A delicious place to start, not to mention one backed by science.

So what exactly makes a Swee2ooth shake different from all the thousands of other protein powders on the market?

Glad you asked. First of all, the difference is the end user. Swee2ooth was designed specifically for Type 2 and Pre Type 2 Diabetics. Type 2 diabetic’s  are no different than anyone else in that they want food that tastes great and is satisfying; but at the same time, the Type 2 or Pre Type 2 diabetic needs a nutritional shake that packs every possible ingredient capable of helping reverse his or her disease.

Ingredients that achieve this have been studied extensively in the lab by scientists, and those that are most potent and time-tested have made their way into the exclusive Swee2ooth blend.  The Swee2ooth shake is a holistic approach that combines three broad categories to promote robust health, abundant energy, and optimal insulin and blood sugar levels for Type 2s.

The three categories are: (1) protein, (2) vitamins and minerals, and (3) fiber and healthy fats.

Within each category is an arsenal of active ingredients backed by extensive research to combat Type 2 Diabetes and ultimately help reverse it. These aren’t your “usual suspects” found in any run-of-the-mill protein powder. The Swee2ooth blend is made up of specific compounds and nutrients combined to help the Type 2 diabetic become healthier, stronger, fitter, and happier.



Whey & Casein Protein.

In recent years, whey protein has transcended from being a supplement marketed mostly to athletes and fitness enthusiasts to widespread acceptance as a true “super food” for diabetics. Whey, a milk protein, has been shown to lower blood glucose levels and help the pancreas secrete insulin, particularly when taken before a meal, according to multiple studies out of the UK, among others. That said, a simple whey protein hack is to have a scoop of Swee2ooth (mixed in liquid) directly before a meal.

Whey is an extremely fast-absorbing protein source, which is a good thing; its amino acids (the building blocks of protein) get broken down quickly and go right to where they need to be soon after you drink your shake. But there’s evidence to show that stabilizing the whey (ie, slowing it down) could also be beneficial.

This is where micellar casein, a very slow-absorbing milk protein, comes into play. The casein slows the absorption of whey to provide a more sustained release of aminos over time, which many authorities on the subject believe to be beneficial for controlling blood glucose levels. Because of its slow-digesting nature, casein also promotes satiety, making it a valuable protein source for those looking to lose weight on calorie-controlled meal plans.

Whey and casein have been known for years as a potent one-two punch – complementary proteins who’s opposing speeds balance each other out. If whey is Batman, casein is Robin.

In all, the Swee2ooth blend includes six different types of protein, including egg albumin in addition to two types of whey, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, and calcium caseinate. In addition to being favorable for Type 2s from a blood sugar standpoint, this diverse amino acid profile will help support muscle mass and strength, especially in those who do regular resistance training to help reverse Type 2.



Biotin & Chromium Picolinate.

Some ingredients work better in conjunction with others than as stand-alone supplements. That’s the case with Biotin, a water-soluble B vitamin. Biotin alone doesn’t appear to effect blood sugar levels in Type 2s, but there’s evidence to show that biotin plus the essential mineral chromium may lower blood sugar levels in diabetics who’s blood sugar levels are poorly controlled by prescription medications.

Chromium shows up in Swee2ooth as chromium picolinate (Chromax ® brand). Chromium picolinate has been found in numerous studies to help improve blood sugar levels and insulin resistance in diabetics. Chromax is the most clinically-tested form of picolinate, with substantial data confirming its role in enhancing glucose metabolism.



Research shows an association between diabetes and low magnesium levels. Elevated blood sugar levels promote the loss of magnesium through urination, which in turn depletes magnesium levels. Because of this, magnesium is a critical mineral for Type 2s; thus, every scoop of Swee2ooth powder contains 100% “Daily Value” of magnesium (400mg).


Cinnulin PF.

Cinnamon extract is a natural sugar stabilizer, which explains why it’s the most common diabetes supplement on the market. In fact, cinnamon supplementation dates back to ancient Egypt.

The patented Cinnulin PF ® is the purest form of cinnamon extract available. It’s been found to decrease blood glucose levels by increasing the body’s response to insulin and subsequently its glucose uptake.



Organic Flaxseed, Chia Seed & Glucomannan (konjac root).

This star trio makes up Swee2ooth’s exclusive “Fiber and Omega Fat Blend.”

Fiber is one of a Type 2 diabetic’s best friends – due to its well-established role in helping control blood sugar levels (reduce blood glucose) – and flaxseed, chia seed, and konjac root are all rich sources of it. The body can’t digest fiber, so it sits in the stomach for longer than it would if it were being broken down. This, in turn, slows sugar absorption, which helps reduce insulin spikes.

Countless studies support the benefits of sufficient daily fiber intake for Type 2 diabetics, including this 30-year review of literature published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: http://www.jabfm.org/content/25/1/16.full.

Another Type 2-friendly group are healthy fats, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to reduce insulin resistance, a major culprit to high blood sugar levels in diabetics. Along with fiber, flaxseed and chia seed are each high in polyunsaturated omega-3s. Aside from helping manage blood sugar, consuming omega-3s regularly can also lower blood triglyceride levels, which helps reduce risk of heart disease, a condition caused by Type 2 Diabetes.




High in the healthy fat lauric acid, a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). MCTs have been found in research to reduce insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetics as well as aide in weight loss and lessen the risk of heart disease.



The List Goes On…

Dozens of other health-promoting nutrients are also included in the Swee2ooth formula, including vitamins A, C, D, and E, iron, calcium, and the antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid, just to name a handful.

The Swee2ooth Fit Diabetic Shake is the first of its kind, delivering the potent ingredients – proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, fiber – Type 2s need to live strong and healthy lives.

To purchase Swee2ooth Diabetic Fit Shake powder, visit the Shop page and choose from three delicious flavors: Chocolate Cravin’, Cinnamon Rollin’, and Vanilla Thrilla.

For a variety of recipes using Swee2ooth powder – from smoothies to pudding to pancakes to cookies – visit the Recipes section.

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