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The Swee2ooth Blend Difference: Organic Flax Seed to Fight Type 2 Diabetes


The “Swee2ooth Blend” Difference: Organic flax seed to fight Type 2 Diabetes

There are no “accidental” ingredients in the Swee2ooth Blend – everything in the container was handpicked for a specific reason and, more importantly, is backed by scientific research.

Nothing embodies the “Science of Swee2ooth” better than one Type 2 superfood in particular: Organic Flaxseed, a generous 1,250 mg of it in every delicious scoop.

The benefits of flaxseed start with its healthy doses of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids (specifically alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA). These two components should be in the nutritional arsenal of every Type 2 diabetic – fiber because it’s been shown in research to reduce blood glucose and HbA1c levels, and omega-3s because these healthy fats are known to improve insulin sensitivity.


The body of research on flaxseed specifically for Type 2 diabetics is well established. A Chinese study published in the journal PLOS ONE in 2007 showed that 12 weeks of flaxseed supplementation lowered A1C levels in Type 2s. Before that, a study showed a significant decline in blood sugars after only four weeks in subjects taking flaxseed.

So, the question for any Type 2 is: Are you taking your flaxseed? If you’re enjoying delicious Swee2ooth shakes and recipes like Mango Tango and our Cinnamon Walnuts, you most certainly are!

Swee2ooth is not only full of flavor – it’s also jam-packed with science-backed nutrients to help you reverse Type 2 Diabetes and live the life you deserve!