Swee2ooth Tips: 5 Foods to Make Low-Carb Eating Easier!

Swee2ooth Tips: 5 Foods to Make Low-Carb Eating Easier!

5 Foods That Make Low-Carb Living Easier

Low-carb eating may sound daunting, but it’s totally doable if you pick the right foods on a consistent basis – ones that are as satisfying, filling, and delicious as they are healthy.

Not buying it? Thinking that cutting out a majority of your favorite breads, pastries, and cereals is impossible, or at the very least largely unpleasant? Allison Caggia, a Type 1 diabetic and editorial director at DiabetesDaily.com, disagrees, and she has evidence that low-carb eating can be both sustainable and enjoyable – that evidence being her own personal diet.

Allison recently wrote a great article on DiabetesDaily titled How to Do Very Low Carb, Very Easily. In it, she breaks down her go-to foods and shares how she fits them into her busy schedule that includes a full-time career and a young family.

We highly recommend you read Allison’s article in full, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at five of her favorite low-carb foods:


5 “Easy” Low-Carb Foods

Courtesy of Allison Caggia at DiabetesDaily.com

Rotisserie Chicken

There are two things to love about rotisserie chicken: It’s super high in protein and super convenient. If you had to roast the chicken yourself, it may not be so simple. But fortunately, most grocery stores have cooked birds sitting in the warmer ready for you to take home and eat for under $10. Have it for dinner tonight, or stick it in the fridge and eat it throughout the week for lunches like Allison does.



Eggs are inexpensive and packed with protein, essential fatty acids, and beneficial fat-soluble vitamins. Plus, research shows that the yolk’s fat and cholesterol content does not raise LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body, making eggs safe to eat on a daily basis.


Swee2ooth Almonds Recipe

It’s great to see that a thriving diabetic and esteemed journalist like Allison enjoys our Cinnamon Walnuts recipe as much as we do! (For the record, Swee2ooth did not ask Allison to mention Swee2ooth in her article, nor was she compensated for doing so.)


Healthy unsaturated fats and fiber are the two main benefits of eating avocados, but taste is another great reason, especially when you add seasonings to make a delicious guacamole. Allison dips endive lettuce into her guac, but she also recommends using celery, cucumbers, and peppers as “dippers” in lieu of tortilla chips.


Power Crunch Bar

Most protein bars aren’t conducive to a low-carb lifestyle, but a Power Crunch contains only 9 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar. Despite the low sugar, these bars taste amazing and have a great wafer texture.