Swee2ooth Diabetic Friendly Snacks: Almonds Are Great for Cholesterol

Swee2ooth Diabetic Friendly Snacks: Almonds Are Great for Cholesterol

Type 2 Food Hack: Eat Almonds, Lower “Bad” Cholesterol

You’re in for a real treat: A snack that’s delicious and crunchy… and that new scientific research shows could lower your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. It’s a treat that’s great for both your taste buds and your cardiovascular system!  We down the benefits of almonds and some recipes using our Swee2ooth blend for a great tasting health packed snack.


Almonds: A superfood with yet another superpower?

Granted, we’ve known almonds to be a health food for quite some time now due in large part to their favorable nutrient profile: a 1-ounce serving (a small handful, around 23 almonds), delivers 13 grams of unsaturated (healthy) fat versus only 1 gram saturated, a respectable 6 grams of protein, only 6 grams of carbs, and around 160 calories.

Yet a new study published in the journal Nutrients suggests a benefit that not all foods high in unsaturated fat can claim: a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) specifically via reduced dyslipidemia, a condition where LDLs and triglyceride levels are high and HDL (“good”) cholesterol is low.

The research was conducted by scientists in India – where Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are widespread – and entailed a review of over 1,500 previous studies on Indian subjects. The results showed a strong association between daily almond consumption and dyslipidemia. What makes these results significant, the researchers stated, is that diet strategies that lower LDLs typically lower HDLs as well. This doesn’t appear to be the case with almonds, which points to a “win-win” – LDLs go down, but HDL levels are at least maintained.


How to eat your almonds

The researchers recommend eating around 45 grams of almonds every day, which equates to two of the aforementioned 1-ounce servings. You can snack on whole almonds, add sliced or crushed almonds to salads and other foods, or… you can take your almonds to the next level of deliciousness with our Chocolate Covered Almonds recipe.

On their own, almonds are already a decent source of protein; with the Swee2ooth recipe, you’re adding another 20+ grams of whey, casein, and egg white proteins, not to mention more fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals.  

A superfood with a newfound CVD benefit, plus the addition of Swee2ooth to help lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity, equals one of the best Type 2-friendly snacks you can find!