How to Make Your Summer Cookout Plans Diabetic Friendly

How to Make Your Summer Cookout Plans Diabetic Friendly

Managing Your Diabetes During Summer Cookout Season

Summer is a great time for getting outside, enjoying the warmer weather, and firing up the grill for a cookout. This season is full of fun and excitement, but you might be wondering how to enjoy yourself without sacrificing the health goals you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

From burgers and hotdogs to chips and desserts, the unhealthy temptations can seem never-ending at a barbeque. It might feel impossible to keep your diabetes under control at a summer cookout, but it’s not! These tips can help you stay on track with your health goals and Type 2 diabetes, while still having a sweet time at your cookouts all summer long.

7 Tips for Staying on Track at Your Summer Cookouts

1. Drink a Swee2ooth shake beforehand

Don’t skip breakfast to “save calories'' for the cookout. In fact, showing up hungry makes it that much harder to make healthy choices and resist cravings once you’re there. Enjoying a Swee2ooth shake as a meal replacement beforehand can help lower your blood sugar and curb your appetite in the meantime. In addition to being the most effective way to reverse Type 2 diabetes, a meal replacement shake will help keep you full for longer, too.

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2. Peruse, then choose

When it comes to cookouts, many people tend to head straight for the food table. After all, what’s a summer barbeque without some delicious food, right? You are more likely to make spontaneous, unhealthy choices in the moment if you load up your plate as you go. Take time to slow down, check out all of your options, and create a game plan before filling up your plate. This will help you avoid mindlessly choosing food that may negatively affect your blood sugar.

3. Bring a diabetic-friendly dish

Summer cookout menus tend to be loaded with food that is high in sugar, carbs, and calories. And when you’re a guest at someone else’s barbeque, you have no way of knowing what they’re going to serve you. To ensure there are a few diabetic-friendly dishes for you to enjoy, consider bringing your own. You’ll know exactly what ingredients are in each dish, which will give you peace of mind that what you’re eating won’t spike your glucose levels. Plus, your host will be grateful that you brought something to the cookout. It’s a win-win!

Speaking of healthy dishes, check out these recipes featuring our Swee2ooth Super Blends that are diabetic-friendly and taste delicious!

4. Seek support from others

Having a strong support system can make all the difference as you look for ways to stay on track this summer. By joining our S2 Community on Facebook, you’ll gain access to a group of people with Type 2 diabetes just like you. This is a sweet and supportive environment where you can share your story, swap healthy recipes, rejoice in your successes, ask for help when you need it, and so much more. Click here to join!

5. Get moving

A barbeque is about more than just the food! Many summer cookouts will have planned activities to help you get moving, such as cornhole, volleyball, and other classic lawn games. Exercising after you eat can significantly improve blood sugar management and prevent spikes from occurring. These are all great (and fun!) ways to get moving and keep your numbers down after your meal.

6. Stay hydrated

A cookout means spending time outside — and, of course, that also means being in the heat for long periods of time. Sun exposure and sweating cause you to lose fluids, which can lead to dehydration. It is easy to mistake thirst for hunger, so drink plenty of water before, during, and after your summer cookout to stay hydrated. On average, a person should drink approximately two liters of water every day. In the summer, this recommendation increases to two and a half liters, so drink up!

7. Choose indulgences wisely

Can’t resist a hotdog or hamburger at the barbeque? We don’t blame you! At the end of the day, moderation is key. Consider ditching the bun and watching your toppings so you don’t overload on sugar or carbs. (But if you have the option, consider swapping that hotdog or burger for lean protein — like grilled chicken or fish.) And instead of having a slice of pie or cake, choose a delicious Swee2ooth shake for dessert!

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Diabetic-Friendly Desserts to Bring to Your Next Cookout

Don’t show up to the summer cookout empty handed! Sticking to your diet doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of the finer things in life — like dessert. These low sugar, high flavor recipes will leave everyone at the cookout craving more.

1. Chocolate Cravin’ Brownies

2. Summer Chillin’ Popsicles

3. No Bake Chocolate Fudge Truffles

Satisfy Your Cravings All Summer With Swee2ooth

Staying on track with your diet is all about having a plan, making smart choices, and choosing indulgences wisely. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time and enjoy what you’re eating!

Our Swee2ooth Super Blends were designed with Type 2 diabetes and your taste buds in mind. After all, just because you’re treating a disease doesn’t mean your treatment shouldn’t be exactly that — a treat. Click below to start your order and satisfy your cravings all summer long!