Adam's Story

Adam's Story

My introduction to Diabetes came when I met my father-in-law. The doctors told him the condition was chronic and progressive and something he had to manage for the rest of his life. I remember him talking about all the meds he had to take and his daily battle with it.

I was young and didn’t think much of it other than a ‘strange food thing.’

Soon after, I began working in the medical field; working in the operating rooms and in surgeries.  I started to notice an increase in scheduled amputations on the call board.

‘Why so many scheduled amputations?’ I thought to myself. 

Out of curiosity, I started talking to the surgeons about their patients and found out that the scheduled amputations were coming from their diabetic patients. What’s more, I learned that many of their patients were in severe arthritic pain but were not capable of having major surgery (such as hip or knee) due to their severe diabetes.  This became a vicious cycle for them as their pain got worse and they could not exercise, and consequently gained more weight and couldn’t find a way out.

As I started to peel back the onion, I was astounded by how massive this problem really was. Diabetes is the precursor and the accelerator to so many diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease - the leading causes of death in the US.

As I continued to explore this topic further, I came across a new way of thinking that began to surface about Diabetes.  I began talking with an endocrinologist I worked with about the new mindset of reversal through lifestyle changes. The light bulb went off in my head.  Diabetes is NOT a chronic, progressive disease as it was once thought.  It IS reversible!

But it was still not conventional wisdom; no one other than the few progressive doctors really presented patients with an option to reverse their type 2 diabetes.

I thought to myself, ‘Why is this conversation not being had?!’ Instead of asking, ‘how do we modify treatment to help our patients’, we should be asking ‘how do we get to the root cause of it?’ 

Soon after, I began working with an orthopedic surgeon who brought his experience from patients that have reversed their own type 2 diabetes, to develop a supplement whose every component had a function to restore normal blood sugar.  

We initially developed it to help patients who came in with severe arthritis to get their blood sugar levels under control so they could have the surgery needed to restore their mobility and quality of life.  We then realized that these super blend supplements had so much more potential than we originally thought.  

Maybe we could help people with pre-diabetes stop it in its tracks before any progression to the full blown disease and the nerve damage and complications that come with it. 

I lost a person I loved to something that was preventable.  

There are others out there that will lose someone they love to a disease that is preventable. 

My hope is to provide those people with the knowledge and the hope that there IS another way.

I wanted Swee2ooth to be a symbol of people taking charge.  Not being comfortably sick or just ‘managing’ their disease but to know that the power lies in their hands to reverse it and gain back years to their life and wellbeing.