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Sharing Our Type 2 Diabetes Stories - Our Mission to Reverse Type 2

Today is my 14th Wedding Anniversary and though I'm so blessed to share it with my wife, when I reflect on that wonderful day I find myself again missing my Father-in-Law, and wishing we could have done more to stop the progression of his Type 2 Diabetes.  His beaming smile on that day, walking his beloved daughter down the aisle is an image I'll always cherish.  

Losing my Father-in-Law to Type 2 Diabetes complications was the driving force behind starting Swee2ooth in his memory.  Our family was unfortunately too late to understanding the scientific reality that Type 2 Diabetes is a REVERSIBLE disease, and we have committed our Swee2ooth team to help bring this awareness to the millions of families affected by Pre Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.  

We at Swee2ooth want to hear your story.  In sharing our own personal history with Diabetes we will build a community focused on bringing the nutritional tools, knowledge and resources for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes to the millions of people living with Diabetes worldwide. Join us in this movement and please share your own #mytype2 story with us by emailing hello@swee2ooth.com

Everyone's journey with Type 2 Diabetes is unique yet we share the same goal!  Let's change the conversation and finally focus on Reversing this epidemic together.


Your Friend in the Fight

Adam Greeenhagen

Co-Founder Swee2ooth