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Choose From These Delicious Super Blend Flavors

The Swee2ooth Super Blend was scientifically developed using proven research to help you on your journey toward reversing your Diabetes.  Deliciously packed with our premium protein blend, essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and healthy fats makes it a perfectly complete meal or snack!  Whether you drink Swee2ooth to start your day or use it in a smoothie to end your night, our customers have told us the most important thing you need to hear:


Just Listen To What Our Customers Say!

“I currently use Swee2ooth to control my type 2 Diabetes! It is the only shake that I have found that does not upset my stomach and actually has helped with reducing my A1C.”

Wayne W.

Houston, Texas

"I bought both the Chocolate Cravin' and Thrilla Vanilla. They taste wonderful. They make a great shake after my workout and a nice drink before bed. My blood sugar has improved. It's amazing to wake up to a reading in the 90's. I will definitely be reordering and would recommend it as a tool to anyone trying to get a handle on their type 2 diabetes."

Suzanne G.

Vineland, New Jersey

“Just reordered for the 3rd time. Purchased the chocolate this time again and loved it. I also have the cinnamon and that’s also good. Need to try the vanilla the next time. This is an awesome product with excellent customer service. Love it in my coffee and ice coffee.”

Eugene C.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"There is not that many options out there for diabetics so when something like this comes along and it taste this good I can't say anything more than I love it and glad to see there's somebody out there that gives a darn to even try."

Ray B.

Springerville, Arizona

“I love this stuff. I mix it with iced coffee and half and half. I drink a glass while making dinner and it sometimes lowers my numbers like 20 pts in a half hour."

Janet P.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

“I’ve sampled all three flavors and find them tasteful and satisfying.  I also have been pleased with the results in terms of lowering my blood sugars, last night within an hour after drinking a shake, my blood sugar went down over 50 points!”

Chet H.

Antigo, Wisconsin


3 Simple Steps To Help Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Order Your Swee2ooth Superblend

    Choose from 3 delicious flavors and start enjoying the benefits of our tasty superblends today.

  2. Shake up your daily routine

    Add your superblend to your favorite breakfast, smoothie and snack recipes. Or just mix with plain water, either way, you’ll LOVE the taste!

  3. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth WHile lowering your blood sugar

    Try it for 30 days and let us know how you liked it and what results you experienced!

Whey Protein
A hearty punch of protein to satisfy appetite
Essential Fats
The good fats that are on your side
Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamins and minerals for blood sugar maintenance
Gut-friendly Super Foods
Chia, Flax, MCTs: All heroes fighting on your behalf

Scientifically Formulated to be Delicious AND Effective

This formula is filled with top quality ingredients that have been clinically shown to help regulate elevated blood sugar

Make lowering your blood sugar part of your daily routine